There May be Limited Time for the Appeal Process

An appellate attorney and appellate law deal with cases on appeal.  Fields Law Firm takes a broad and strategic approach with complex legal analysis and careful attention to minute details that could impact the result all the way through to the trial level.

There are a variety of Appellate law focuses including:

  • Antitrust

  • Trade Regulation

  • State and Federal Taxation

  • Corporate Law

  • Torts

  • Punitive Damages

  • Telecommunications

  • Labor and Employment

  • Compensation and Pensions

  • Constitutional Law

  • Civil Rights

  • Administrative Law

  • Environment

  • Intellectual Property

Our Attorneys have expertise in appellate matters at various levels of the court system including:

  • State Appellate Courts

  • Federal Courts of Appeal

  • State Supreme Courts

  • United States Supreme Court

What is the Process of the Appellate Attorney?

Often the first step is to evaluate the issues in the case to review motions filed by lawyers in trial court, review the trial transcripts, interview the trial lawyers, and conduct necessary legal research.  The next major step is writing the “brief” and continuously refining until it can be filed.  Finally, it may be time to present oral arguments and finalize the hearing process.  The brief is generally the key element of an appellate case.

Appellate law is a highly intellectual area that involves cutting-edge legal issues.  You need a law firm with the skills required to deliver an effective brief.  Contact Fields Law Firm to discuss your options and determine if you want to move forward with your appeal.