Litigation is a primary service at Fields law Firm because of our experience litigating on behalf of clients in civil litigation.   Experience matters in all phases of litigation from discovery, to preparation, in negotiations and if needed, in the courtroom.  Knowing the intricacies of the law and defending your legal rights in civil matters is why you would consult with an attorney at Fields Law Firm.

In order to take a legal action, it requires a knowledge of the law especially in the category that impacts the client.  A civil matter is not a criminal action, but a resolution of some conflict between two parties.  Civil Litigation is common for businesses and corporations or even between neighbors or family members.

There are many categories of litigation that our Florida based attorneys can provide:

  • Business Litigation

  • Complex Civil Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Contract Litigation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Construction Litigation

  • Employment Litigation

  • Fraud Litigation

  • Financial Misconduct Litigation

From real estate to corporate issues, Fields Law Firm offers a wide array of legal litigation counsel and support. Sometimes you are the one seeking to litigate or maybe you are on the receiving end of another’s actions towards you or your business. Retaining an experienced attorney to ensure your legal rights are upheld to the fullest extent of the law is a wise choice no matter what side of the litigation table you are on.

Contract Dispute?

Do you need an attorney who can pinpoint a fault in a contract or do you need an attorney who can help defend the integrity of a a disputed contract? Having experience on both sides of contract disputes can mean a more effective legal strategy to pursue your rights under the law.

Business or Commercial Litigation

We expect business rivals to compete legally but just as often litigation occurs between business partners or employees and employer. Whether it is financial or procedural, you have rights under the law and the counsel you receive from a Fields Law attorney can be vital to defending those rights.

Fields Law Firm has offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Palatka, Florida and our staff is always just a phone call away.