It is recommended by many experts to involve an experienced real estate attorney in your real estate matters as soon as possible.  Often you can avoid legal issues that might otherwise be much more costly in both time and money.  Our attorneys can help you identify and address potential legal concerns as they pertain to buying, selling and closing on real estate.  Our staff can:

  • Represent commercial sellers and buyers of real estate.

  • Represent individuals and families when they sell or buy real estate.

  • Conduct commercial real estate closings.

  • Conduct residential real estate closings.

Commercial real estate can be especially complex at times with a variety of legal and financial concerns that need to be addressed from the very beginning. What are the qualities you would look for in a real estate attorney in Florida?  We invite you to call, email or visit our offices to determine if Fields Law Firm’s real estate attorneys have exactly what you want in representing and defending your legal rights in matters of real estate and sitting on your side of the table during the commercial real estate closing.

Residential real estate has common pitfalls and not-so-common legal issues that may not be spotted by anyone but an experienced real estate attorney.  Our attorneys can guide you through the process of buying or selling residential real estate and conduct your closing.

With offices in Palatka, Florida, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, we are conveniently located to Florida residents or prospective buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate in Florida.