What an exciting time for an athlete when their years of hard work and dedication culminate in a professional opportunity.  An athlete who has dedicated themselves to their sport may want to pick an attorney to represent their interests with an equal passion for their subject matter.  A sports law attorney chose their profession so they could be well equipped to support athletes in legal matters.  Our attorneys at Fields Law Firm can:

  • Provide concierge legal representation to professional athlete clients.

Sometimes the excitement of the moment can cause haste in the contract stage.  An experienced sports law attorney knows what to look for to help protect your legal rights both today and in the future. No matter where you are in your sports career, you want an effective qualified attorney to represent your legal interests.

Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions to help you determine if our Firm is able to represent your interests to the professional organization, team or sponsor you are working with now or later in your career.  Just like a good foundation was vital to your development, a good legal foundation is vital to the integrity of your professional athletic career.

Our offices located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Palatka, Florida, can give you access to qualified legal counsel in both North and South Florida.  We invite you to call, email or visit with our sports attorneys and staff at your convenience.